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Wholesale Buyers

Just Tomatoes, Etc.! has been selling unique dried fruits and vegetables to business establishments across the country for 23 years.

About 13 years ago, we introduced JUST VEGGIES (a combination of corn, peas, carrots, tomatoes and bell peppers that you eat like a trailmix) and they caught the eye and the taste buds of the press. Suddenly we were in most of the national magazines and some newspapers that were interested in healthy snacks. As a result, all of our products became more popular.

JUST VEGGIES seems to be the snack that health-conscious consumers were waiting for crunchy, tasty and healthy, too. It's an easy way to get your 5-9 recommended servings of fruits and vegetables during a busy 9-5 day...

For more information about selling our products, using them in a food service application or a manufacturing process select your interest below.

Our line of unique dried fruits and vegetables have been selling in stores across the nation for over 23 years. JUST TOMATOES was our first product. Many others followed and were enthusiastically received. Then JUST VEGGIES hit the scene and this is the snack that consumers were waiting for. It has been wildly successful. That attention has encouraged other new products. Buyers trust our product line and often order new products without seeing or tasting them. We appreciate their confidence in us.

Consumers call our office, and are now checking our Web site, wanting to know where they can find our products. We refer them to stores near them. We hope we can soon refer folks to your store.

We further support stores that sell our products by educating the consumer through recipes, tips, posters, recipe contests, and kids' contests. And now, with this Web site, interaction with the consumer can be in depth and even more direct.

Ask us about our passive sampling program we believe our products sell themselves when folks are able to taste them. They get excited and tell their friends where they buy these products.

Our promise to you is our continued support of stores that sell our products and with meticulous detail to quality and outstanding service. We hope we will be providing these services to you and your store, or stores, soon.

Display Racks
We do offer several display racks. You can download complete information here Display Racks (PDF file) and call us with any questions you may have.

wholesale@justtomatoes.com for wholesale pricing information and samples.

Food Service
Chefs are extremely loyal to our products. Some float our tomatoes on soups and add our soynuts to green salads, others present our persimmons with fish. Our dried products combined with pasta has always claimed the most variations with our tomatoes and bell peppers and now even more variety can be created with the addition of our dried roasted garlic, green onions and crunchy onions. Our dried peas are also a wonderful addition to pasta dishes. The 'pastabilities' are endless.

From hotels, to deli counters, bistros and cafes our products shine in the hands of creative cooks.

wholesale@justtomatoes.com for wholesale pricing information.

Soups, sausages, olive oil, crackers, salad dressings, chocolates, candy, decorative gifts our products have been used in a myriad of products. Intense flavors, great color and consistent quality make our products attractive to manufacturers that want to present unique quality products. Bulk sizes available.

wholesale@justtomatoes.com for wholesale pricing information and samples of products you are interested in.

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