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I'm posted in Iraq this year and have little access to vegetables and fruits, particularly ones that are not fried. I received Just Veggies in a care package and have absolutely fallen in love with them! They are delicious, convenient and have been a saving grace out here because I have nothing healthy to snack on! I thank ya'll a million time over for this wonderful treat. Perhaps for the average US citizen, they are a great product, but to someone serving overseas without access to markets, these are an absolute necessity! 


I discovered your fruits while on a ski trip to Mammoth, CA. and became addicted to your Strawberry's/Banana's and Raspberry's. They are perfect for skiing/snow shoeing because they are light to carry. At work, I love sweet snacks but hate eating things that are bad for me.

I've added Blackberries and Peaches to the list and, sadly.... I got them via mail 2 days ago… they are GONE! :<( Do you sell them by the truck load? :<)

Keep up the good work… MMMMM GOOD!

FYI: Pop a few Blackberry's into your water bottle….MMMM, the water has a faint flavor and you get a 'chewy surprise' too!

Jayne, CA

Just wanted to say how much I love your product, I wish every small convenient store would sell your product instead of all that junk food. Today I was so hungry but I was dying to get the dry mix veggies, that I commuted 30 min away from my regular way home to REI to get some containers, I was so Happy to see they had this convenient re-sealable bags I bought 5 packs! Send more to Boston!

PS: My Dog LOVES them too!

Barbara, MA

I found your products today for the first time today...and I'm shoving "Just Blueberries" in my mouth as I am writing this. They are wonderful and I cannot stop "shoving them in"! I may end up with a 'tummy ache' tomorrow but it will be well worth it. Products with ingredients lists as yours are what I always look for... short, simple...

Why don't you tie into Weight Watchers...your products fit right into the plan.

If you don't directly tie into them, maximize the "fiber and fat free" story in your sell.

These are GREAT! I just overdid it and ate the entire container. I will buy them again, and probably the strawberries, and have a bit of restraint consuming them... adding to my morning cereal.


Just wanted to send a quick note to say thanks for such a great product! It's so nice to have the option of quick, healthy and delicious snacks in this fast-food dominated world we find ourselves drowning in. I especially loved the blackberries and pineapple! Can't wait to try more.

Thanks again,

Donna, CA

Dear Just Tomatoes, ETC.!
As a long-time travel agent and tour escort at TheTripChicks.com, I travel overseas frequently and always pack a supply of your delicious Just Blueberries, Just Veggies, Just Apples, and Just Pineapple. Not only are your treats lightweight and tasty, but super filling and nutritious. They really hit the spot!

My co-worker Wendy and I enthusiastically recommend your products to our clients both here and overseas (we've given many Europeans samples of our Just Tomatoes ETC! stash!). As a matter of fact, we are such big fans of your company that we are mentioning your products in our soon-to-be-released travel book!

So, our kudos to you all for producing such quality, healthful snacks! Keep up the great work and thanks again for providing these exceptional food products.


Ann Lombardi, veteran travel agent and tour escort

I just want to say thank you for creating such a wonderful product on behalf of my 18 month old son born with PKU (Phenylketonuria)!!!! Individuals with PKU cannot process a part of protein called phenylalanine, which is present in most foods.

Most of my sons diet consist of fruits, vegetables and low protein foods. Your products are PERFECT for him to snack on. He just can't seem to get enough. The bite size pieces are perfect for his little 18 month old hands.


Courtney, AK
mom to Kohlton with Classic PKU

We love Just Veggies!
I just wanted to tell you how much our family enjoys your product. From the time our son was old enough to start eating finger foods, we started giving him "Just Veggies."

When he gets stubborn about eating his vegetables, I know I can get nutrients into him by feeding him this favorite snack! We always keep them on hand.

Thanks for having such a wonderful tasting nutritious snack!

Kathy, OH

I bought a small pack and found though I am in kidney failure I may have these and it is wonderful to enjoy without worry about the purity. Thank you.

Sharon, OR

Dear Just Tomatoes,
I just returned from a 6 day, 70+ mile kayaking trip in the Boundry Water Canoe Area of Norther Minnesota, Southern Ontario. Each person in our party of four had to carry their own food. My palate and my back were both very pleased with your product.

The Just Hot Veggies product is fantastic. They were a highlight of the trip! Thanks for the great products.

Regards, Rick Moore. Noblesville, IN

(By the way... even though I am not going on the road with a back pack any time soon I will be stopping by the store tonight to purchase another batch of the Hot Veggies - great stuff!)

“We all have a pretty good idea of what’s good food for us and what isn’t, despite trendy fad food hype. In training and throughout Arctic journeys I eat unnaturally large amounts of food. I want to know what’s eaten is doing me good. Some dried food sold as ‘expedition food’ is bearable. Most isn’t. It lacks taste and nutrition. That’s where Just Tomatoes come in. Their dried fruits and veggies are perfect for creative cooking ingredients. Everything tastes great because it’s natural and nutritious, without nasty health-tampering additives."

Gary Rolfe, Arctic Explorer and Dog Musher (garyrolfe.com)

My name is Lauren, and my husband and I have been vegan for 2 years in an effort to control my Type 1 diabetes and reduce the amount of insulin that I take. We've included "Just Tomatoes " products into our diet, especially this summer, to get the nutrition that we need. On the trail we eat a casserole of sprouted seeds and lentils and your veggies make us look forward to eating it every night!! We've been enjoying your "Just Hot Veggies" for the past month as an extra crunch to our daily night's dinner. This summer, my husband, Ben, and I are thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail.

"Hi...my name is Shelia and I have pet birds. I have been trying to get them to eat healthier by feeding them fresh fruits and vegetables. I would slice them up and present them to the birds in different ways but to no avail. They would just look at the slices and run away from them like the veggies and fruit were some evil beings waiting to attack them!!! But then I discovered your products! Wow!!! They dove right in and devoured every bit, and wanted more!!! Thank you so much for these wonderful products. You have helped me to get my birdie buddies to eat more healthy. I include them in with their regular mix of food and they are the first things gone!!! They enjoy your carrot bits, corn, peas, bananas, and raspberries. Thanks again for this excellent product line."

A Very Happy Customer, Shelia

"Just a quick note to thank you for the wonderful products you make!  My toddler boy loves the strawberries and bananas, blueberries and raspberries.  My husband and I are always concerned about what goes into the food our son eats and it's such a relief to know that you all don't add preservatives or other chemicals.  Your products also help us to feed our boy healthy snacks that save us time.  Instead of reaching for the crackers or cookies, we always reach for the just strawberries and bananas, and he loves to crunch on the pieces of fruit!  Thanks again for your wonderful products - they make a real difference in our everyday lives!"

Best regards, Krysten

"Buying your stuff for a trip where we're getting dropped in by seaplane into a remote part of Maine. Love your products! Sure makes wilderness camping with no refrigeration a lot more edible!"


"I just wanted to say thank you for an awesome product.  I have 7 cockatiels whom I love dearly.  It is a challenge though, making sure that they get a nuturious diet.  Seed alone does not do it.  They need fruit, veggies, grains, etc.

Well I work full time, so needless to say, I do not have the time or energy to wash,chop, dice etc. fresh produce every day.  Also there is the worry of spoilage.

This is where your products come into play.  With your great selection of fruits and veggies, I can ensure that my birds are getting a healthy, nututrious product.  And the best part, THEY LOVE IT!!!!!!"


"Quick thank you note for inventing the best snacks in the world! my favorite is your 'just gone bananas.' nothing else can get better than to be able to enjoy the crunch those banana chips give you without the sugar and oil as in regular 'banana chips'!!"


"To my amazement, the order arrived today which you shipped to Anchorage, Alaska. Each product I ordered is fantabulous. I am ecstatic and truly impressed. I am a 70-year-old vision-impaired wife and caregiver of my 87-year-old husband who has Alzheimer's disease. We, of course, no longer have a car, hence shopping is difficult. I too often have purchased fresh items when I have an opportunity to do so at a market, only to have them spoil before all can be consumed. Having the wonderful dehydrated products in my larder is a great blessing."

Lynn in Alaska

"I live on the Oregon Coast and finding good veggies in the winter is so hard! My son is 14 months old and has found new independence when it comes to eating... only will feed himself. I have been struggling to make veggies appealing to him. Yesterday I bought "Just Veggies" and he absolutely LOVES them. This morning he even insisted on them for breakfast! I fully intend to try some of your other products, and have also emailed all of my friends with children to tell them how great it is to have found your product! I am also thinking that this is going to make camping so much easier this summer! Thank you so much for giving me an easy way to feed my son healthy snacks!"

Jenni in Oregon

"First dried tomatoes in my life which I did not spit out, instead I ate container all at once and now I need more."

Irena in Virginia

"At last! Healthy mindless snacking! Thankyou! Thankyou!”

Karyn in Washington

“I just wanted to say that I am a huge fan of your products! I do not eat sugar that is not natural and I have been searching for something to munch on and all of your products are great! The fruit is sweet and it is a snack! I cannot believe that it has nothing added to it! Thank you, I am a college student and I will be ordering your munchies a lot!”

Hillary in California

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