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Media Coverage

Just Tomatoes, Etc.! has enjoyed endorsements from many consumer magazines, newspapers newsletters and blogs including: Bon Appetit, Good Housekeeping, Prevention, Fine Cooking, Family Circle, Backpacker Magazine, Gourmet, The New York Times, The Courier-Journal, Tri-Valley Herald, Syracuse Herald-Journal, Nutrition Action Healthletter to name a few.

Here is a sampling of what's been said...

Mommy Blueprin- August 5, 2009
...Healthy Solutions for Picky Eaters
This brand of dried fruit and veggie snacks are yummy finger foods that are perfect for little fingers and big fingers alike and are a healthy alternatives to other snacks loaded with sodium and high fructose corn syrup. Try some, you'll be glad you did and FYI- all the flavors are delicious... You can't go wrong! www.mommyblueprint.com

InStyle Magazine - December, 2008
10 Ways to Sail Through the Holidays: Stock Up On Healthy Foods
Packaged foods are convenient, but so many are loaded with sodium and high-fructose corn syrup, says Cynthia Sass. Her healthy solution: Just Tomatoes, Etc.! dried vegetables ($15/gift jar; justtomatoes.com), which are crunchy, portable and packed with fiber and phytonutrients. She suggests taking them on the run. One serving of the carrot bits has 25 percent of the fiber and 600 percent of the vitamin A you need daily, she explains. In case you're wondering, vegetables-derived sources of vitamin A are safe at that dose.

Kids With Food Allergies, Inc.-April, 2008
Special Report: Allergy-Friendly Food Products (Spring 2008)
Just Grapes is the company's newest addition to their line of freeze-dried fruits and vegetables. The products are flash frozen and then a vacuum is pulled to extract the water. Nothing at all is added, and the products keep their nutrients.

complete report at www.kidswithfoodallergies.org

Philadelphia Enquirer-January 17, 2008
Dried Fruit Gives Dishes Punch In Winter
...there are many more enticing things to be made with dried fruit than the dreaded holiday fruitcake from years past. PDF

It Began As A Garage Brand
I was at the health food chain the other day buying the pricey dried fruit that our daughter eats like popcorn when a nearby toddler pleaded with his mother to buy the peas for me! in the tone that brings to mind the candy aisle.

This was a familiar scene. When Jocelyn was in a high chair, she craved the pale-green dried peas produced by a company whose founder started in 1985 by selling dehydrated tomatoes out of her garage. PDF

Food Network's Food Finds Program-January, 2003
Camping Foods
Food Finds (Food Network show) producer and camera crew spent a day at the Just Tomatoes, Etc.! plant and family farm filming for a feature on Camping Foods. They filmed the drying and packaging operation, fresh tomato fields and talked with Karen Cox, owner of the company. The camping segment has been shown many times since the original air date and each time it runs, the response from consumers is immediate. Just Tomatoes, Etc.! dried fruits and veggies make perfect ingredients for campsite meals and backpacking... they are lightweight, taste terrific and are loaded with nutrition.

Health-June, 2001
Just Veggies and Just Fruit
Superhealthy Treats
The brainchild of Just Tomatoes, Etc.!, a small company in central California, these dehydrated niblets of corn, carrots, peas, tomatoes and bell peppers make eating veggies almost as satisfying as scarfing popcorn. There's nothing added, so all you get is phytochemicals, fiber, and vitamins A and C plus a mild, slightly sweet flavor.

Backpacker Magazine
Backpacker Magazine is a great promoter of Just Tomatoes dried fruits and veggies as these lightweight, nutritious products are perfect for people on the trail. The magazine has featured our products in various editorial pieces and has developed recipes with them as ingredients.

Light & Tasty-June, 2001
Garden Gift Stix
Their Healthy Harvest Is Very Cut and Dried
Have trouble getting kids to eat healthy? Just Tomatoes, Etc.! might have the solution: Garden Gift Stix. The clear plastic tubes, with fun names like 'Apple a Day', 'Eat your Veggies', and 'Really Raspberry', are packed with nutritional dried fruits or vegetables for snacking.

Arizona Parenting-November, 2000
Garden Gift Stix
Veggies in a Tube...
Just Tomatoes, Etc.! is helping to eliminate the excuses for not eating enough fruits and veggies with its new Garden Gift Stix, perfect for a take-along fruit or veggie serving.

The stix are ideal for tucking into backpacks, briefcases, or even stockings during the upcoming holidays. The tubes are also reusable for items such as rocks, coins, or anything else kids can think of.

New York Times-February 14, 1996
Just Veggies
At the Nation's Table...
Apparently, so do a lot of other people. The store frequently sells out of the snack, Just Veggies...

...There are no additives or preservatives in Just Veggies, but plenty of vitamins C and A. 'Customers taste the product and get hooked...they'll eat it like popcorn.'...

Nutrition Action Healthletter-September 1996
Just Veggies, Just Fruit Munchies
The Right Stuff
Duh. Why didn't anybody think of it sooner? If you're like most of us, it's a struggle to get your five-to-nine daily servings of fruits and vegetables. Well, the battle just got a whole lot easier.

'Bingo!' or something to that effect, said the folks at Just Tomatoes in 1995. The California firm had been producing commercial dried fruits and vegetables since the 1980s. Why not turn the stuff into packaged snacks?

Their Just Veggies are...well...just that: crunchy bits of freeze-dried or dehydrated carrot, corn, peas, bell pepper, and tomato. The ingredient list reads like a vegetable stand. No salt. No preservatives. No flavorings. No colorings. Nothing except phytochemicals, fiber and vitamins A and C in the vegetables, plus a mild, slightly sweet flavor.

Even tastier are the company's Just Fruit Munchies. Take a container of the mixed dehydrated apples, raisins, blueberries, sour cherries, mango, pineapple and raspberries to work with you. Throw a bag of them in your kid's lunchbox. Getting your good stuff has never been easier...

Prevention-October 1999
Just Cherries
25 Best Foods to Fight Breast Cancer
Try delicious Just Cherries! sour cherries that are freeze-dried. Tangy, sweet and crunchy, a 1-ounce pack of Just Cherries (3/4 cup) has 100 calories and less than 1 gram of fat. Cherries are a top source of perillyl alcohol, a compound that may inhibit mammary cancer in rats.

Elle-August 1999
Just Soy Nuts
From Godfrey's Guide
I'm all for protein, and I love the a-little-will-make-you-thin theory. Yet I loathe preparation/cleanup. Now a genius has baked? popped? somehow exploded soybeans into a crunchy snack that tastes like those half-popped popcorn kernels at the bottom of the pot. Half a package has 11 'count 'em, 11' grams of protein and 130 calories, and is infinitely more satisfying than some gnarly, oversweet protein bar.

The Boston Globe Magazine-August 1999
Just Soy Nuts
Soy to Nuts
Just Soy Nuts are so crunchy it's hard to distinguish them from peanuts... The soy nuts (about $4 for 8 ounces) join a growing list of fruits and vegetables Just Tomatoes, Etc.! produces. These nuts are crispier than others on the market and delightful on a bowl of yogurt and fruit or sprinkled over a vegetable stir-fry. You get soy's protein and health benefits without making much of a change in the diet.

San Diego Union-Tribune-July 7, 1999
Just Soy Nuts
Matters of Taste, Maureen Clancy
Healthful Crunch. Tired of croutons? Toss a handful of Just Soy Nuts into the salad for a toasty crunch and a shot of the isoflavones that scientists claim offer significant health benefits.

Good Housekeeping-April 1999
Just Veggies
No Guilt Snacks...
...Just Veggies (100 calories, 1 gram fat) The mixture of dried carrots, corn, peas, bell peppers and tomatoes 'with absolutely nothing else' is the healthy new answer to snacking. (If you like things spicy, try Hot Just Veggies, with jalapeno.) Splurge on 2 servings (about a cup, 200 calories) and get a day's quota of vitamin A, 40 percent of vitamin C, and 4 grams of fiber. Look for other varieties, too, including Just Crunchy Carrot Bits, Just Fruit Munchies and Just Raspberries.

Family Circle-Spring 1997
Just Veggies, Just Fruit Munchies
Snack Packed...
...Bored with air-popped corn? For more flavor and nutrients, try Just Veggies, an all-natural mix of freeze-dried or dehydrated corn, bell peppers, peas, tomatoes and carrots. An even sweeter deal: Just Fruit Munchies, a tart-sweet combination of dried apples, raisins, blueberries, mango, cherries, pineapple and raspberries. Both variations have less than 75 nearly fat-free calories in a 3/4 ounce portion 'and are a clever way to sneak servings of fruit and vegetables into your day'. Snack straight from the pack or sprinkle the veggies on potatoes, salads or pasta; add the fruit bits to yogurt, cereal or your favorite low-fat frozen dessert...

The Courier-Journal-Louisville, April 17, 1998
Just Veggies
For a healthful snack, Just Veggies are just great...
They're not potato chips. But then, they don't have the fat that potato chips have. They do have the crunch, however. And, they have cancer-fighting phyto-chemicals, vitamins A and C, and fiber. Just Veggies is a freeze-dried vegetable mix that contains carrots, corn, peas, bell peppers, tomatoes 'and absolutely NOTHING added,' the label says. It's the product of Just Tomatoes, Etc.!, a company that has made dehydrated ('sun-dried') tomatoes for the gourmet market for 13 years. A couple of years ago, they were 'fiddling around trying to make a pasta sauce', company co-owner Karen Cox said. The pasta sauce ingredients consisted of dried vegetables. Soon after, great 'huzzahs' came from the staff. 'This makes a great snack food!' they agreed. And so Just Veggies were born. Lightweight enough for hikers. Tasty enough for teens who want a quick snack. Appropriate for little kids in the back seat for 30 minutes or more who might otherwise eat Poptarts or Cheerios. Or for Dilberts at their desks with 4 p.m. office breath who would like a little something and wouldn't it be an extra bonus if it was good for me!...

Tri-Valley Herald-December 2, 1998
Just Fruit Munchies
Eaters' Digest Freeze-dried fruit...
Thanks to Just Fruit Munchies, theres a tasty, non-fat, low calorie snack to get us through the fattening holiday season. These freeze-dried fruits are packed with flavor, perfect for noshing or adding to hot cereal. They're made by the Just Tomatoes folks from Westley, in the Central Valley. Just Fruit Munchies have an airy texture and intense fruitiness, without being chewy or overly sweet like dried fruit...

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